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The Event Industry is huge and is valued at billions of dollars every year. It is also responsible for bringing people together, online, in person or in hybrid ways, and in many cases, transforming those moments into life-long memories. 

At Timely we understand that any event is a special occasion, and each and every event business is special and unique. With our event management software solutions, event makers all over the world can better create, promote, manage, and monetize events.

From Event Calendar, Event Booking and Event Ticketing softwares, to Online School Agenda and Online Training software, Timely is ready and fully equipped with the best technology to empower the Event Industry. 

Media and Event Promoters, Event Venues, Theatres and Museums, Schools, Colleges and Universities and even Nonprofits and Charities can take advantage of the tools offered by Timely. Not to mention the events provided by Parks and Recreation, Destination Marketing Organizations, and Churches and Religious Organizations that are part of communities driven and involve different people, that also require as much attention and are as important as any other Event Industry. 

Event organizers and collaborators have a lot on their plate, and being able to count on specialized tools to support and empower them is crucial for a great event. 

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